UNIQLO + ReactorOne: 5 years, thousands of pages, and counting...

UNIQLO selected the ReactorOne platform because they needed more control and flexibility over their site content, campaigns, and promotions. Following the mobile site launch, the UNIQLO merchandising and content team immediately started putting the ReactorONE platform to use; testing copy, testing the placement and location of UI components like product cross-sells, as well as testing new site features and functionality.

Soon after the site launched, peak holiday traffic reached 300,000 users per hour. Thanks to the ReactorONE platform, the site continued to meet performance KPIs for page load and system response times. In addition, bounce rates decreased by 12%, page views increased by 20% and session time increased by 35% - all indicating higher site engagement by customers.

Since coming onto the ReactorONE platform, UNIQLO has been generating more content than ever, increasing user engagement, and driving more sales. UNIQLO has taken advantage of ReactorOne’s extensive REST APIs, automating large parts of their content creation process. In the first year, over 300 pages were programmatically generated using the ReactorOne content editing APIs.

When you take a leading retailer like UNIQLO and hand them an infinitely flexible platform like ReactorOne, it’s extremely rewarding to just sit back and watch how they use the platform and what they create with it. For the ReactorONE team, it's been exciting to watch UNIQLO iterate and innovate with our platform over the past 5 years, and it’s why we’re still so thrilled that UNIQLO took the time to research their options and, ultimately, chose ReactorONE.

About UNIQLO Japan

UNIQLO is the largest apparel retail chain in Japan with a network of 841 stores and annual net sales of over $6 billion, accounting for more than half of the company’s global revenue.

About the UNIQLO JAPAN Mobile Site

Launched in October 2014, the UNIQLO JAPAN mobile site is built on top of the ReactorONE content management platform. The front-end experience is an AngularJS-based Single Page Application experience also developed by the ReactorOne team. The UX and Visual Design is the brain-child of design agency, Spark DSG.

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