Sports Vault Shop migrates from Magento to ReactorOne in just 8 weeks.

Nailed that timeline.

As a multi-billion-dollar industry, the sports collectible market is always looking to find new opportunities to stand out, especially during NFL championship games. With a focus on digital and quality, ReactorOne Commerce + Content Cloud Platform, partnered with the digital and monetization platform Source Digital to launch Sports Vault as the ultimate fan experiential website for purchasing sports collectibles.

Sports Vault made a quick decision to replatform their ecommerce site at the end of 2017 and needed a new website launched before Super Bowl LII. The ReactorOne team easily demonstrated that an ecommerce website doesn’t need a 6+ month build timeline. The flexibility of the ReactorOne platform allowed for easy integrations with Sports Vault Shop’s payment and fulfillment partners, and quick development of the front-end interface.

In addition to the core ReactorOne platform features, we worked with Source Digital to apply its SourceSync solution to the site. Source Digital’s unique interactive videos, coupled with ReactorOne in-context commerce functionality, allow sports fans to preview or shop related products without leaving the context of the video itself. These innovative shopping components maximize Sports Vault’s media touchpoints throughout the site. As Sports Vault continues to implement their rich media content strategy, visitors will be able to discover additional details about each sports team, athletes, stadiums, and more - all via interactive videos on the Source Digital platform.

In the end, ReactorOne was able to build the new in 8 weeks and launch it during the most exciting time of the NFL season, ensuring that sports fans could find and purchase Super Bowl LII merchandise & collectibles at the height of the season.

This collaboration is a great example of how viewer-activated personalized experiences combined with e-commerce capabilities create new revenue streams that give business a unique competitive edge.

Hank Frecon CEO, Source Digital

ReactorOne provided the Web framework, content management system (CMS), in-context commerce components, e-commerce transaction and checkout functionality on the site. Source Digital is responsible for the smart media management system, timeline-aligned commerce in video, and smart content activation creation via metadata as the foundation, which brings consumer engagement to new heights. This next wave of marketing tech enhances the search and discovery experience for consumers, ultimately improving customer engagement.

Sports Vault offers a unique blend of sports related merchandise for the sports enthusiast and video highlight reels of the players in action. Sports Vault has a wide selection of autographed sports memorabilia, licensed sports apparel, trading cards and sports novelties. It also offers customers the unique opportunity to meet local and national sports superstars and legends through in-store professional athlete appearances. The Sports Vault autographed product line is created principally from hundreds of player signings conducted in store as well as in private.

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