Top 3 Reasons Successful Retailers Choose ReactorOne

There are many reasons that our customers choose ReactorOne but here are a few we hear a lot!

Reason 1: Full control over their customer experience

ReactorOne provides unparalleled flexibility to create and manage content. This is the biggest differentiator between us and everybody else!

Unrivaled Experience Manager
Our no-code interface gives you complete control over your customer experience. Everything from banners to the placement of product information, buttons, site navigation, and landing pages. Nothing is off limits!
User Segmentation + Personalization
You can create as many segments as you want. ReactorOne allows you to control everything each audience sees. That includes banners and landing page content, but also the products they can see, their navigation, payment options, and promotions.
Unlimited A/B Testing
You won't need a third party plugin for AB testing, and we allow you to run as many tests as you want. In fact, we encourage it! Frequent testing and site updating is how some of our customers have seen their online business grow by over 16X!
Business Intelligence
Having full control over your customer experience is more powerful when you can see and understand the impact that your changes have on customer engagement and other KPIs like average order value, repeat purchases, and overall conversion.

Reason 2: In-context Shopping

68% of the trillion-dollar millennial demographic expect integrated, seamless experiences regardless of their touchpoint with your company.
Forrester Research, US Cross-Channel Retail Forecast 2012 To 2017, Suharita Mulpuru, Oct. 29, 2013.
In-Context Shopping Tiger Woods Video
ReactorOne makes it easy for your customers to shop from:
Product review videos
Third-party affiliate sites
Native Apps
Social Apps

Reason 3: Extensibility and Flexibility

Even with our game-changing experience management interface, we know that write a little custom code. We've made ReactorOne easily extensible through a number of mechanisms including:


Webhooks are an easy way to get automated messages or information to your external applications. Setting up webhooks in ReactorOne is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Custom Code

ReactorOne allows you to add custom code, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, anywhere on your site - all without having to make any development changes to your pages and site templates. You simply provide your custom code and tell ReactorOne where to inject it. You can even limit what type of customer(s) the custom code gets executed for by taking advantage of ReactorOne's user segmentation and audience management.

Custom Collections & Data Models

Need to collect data from some custom form? Or show a list of custom data records? No problem! In ReactorOne you can create your own custom collection and data models with just a few clicks.

Custom Components

ReactorOne comes with hundreds of components out of the box, covering a vast majority of use cases. But we all know that every site is different and there is always a need for something custom. ReactorOne makes it easy to create a custom component that can be used just like any of the built-in components, which means it can take advantage of all the great features ReactorOne has to offer, such as personalization, scheduling, A/B testing, and many others.

Customizable Component Templates
Sometimes all you need to do is tweak the rendered HTML a little bit. ReactorOne makes that easy by allowing you to customize the templates of every component to your exact needs. That also allows you to completely change a component's behavior. For example, you can change a component template to render JavaScript/React/Angular code instead of standard HTML.
Customizable Workflows
ReactorOne allows you to tie directly into critical workflows, such as add to cart or checkout, effectively allowing you to apply custom logic wherever you need it.
Apps & Addons
Our ever-growing list of apps and addons makes it easy to add new functionality to ReactorOne.
APIs for all shopping functionality
Our shopping APIs allow you to take complete control. Be it on the web, in a mobile app, or somewhere else, our shopping APIs enable you to build the experience you want
APIs for all administrative functions
Manage every aspect of your site through our admin APIs. It's great for integrating, monitoring, automating and extending ReactorOne.

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